It is nice to meet you! My name is Dia Jade, I am a non-binary and queer identifying creative. I am currently a Midwest based Creative Director and Photographer whose images seek to normalize LGBTQIA+ identity through my own queer lens. I incorporate my own experience of self-identity through unique fashion and make-up, twisting the forced expression of gender placed upon me in childhood into one of empowerment. By relearning these forms of expression I am able to break away from the ‘standard’ of beauty and create acceptance in the unusual. Expressing myself through bold color, I combine all of my skills to create personal stories, sharing raw beauty with the world.
Alongside visual story telling I am currently available for assignments, commissions, and collaborations! I am someone who loves to interact with fellow creatives on a team to make wacky ideas come to fruition. It is important to me to empower the voices of LGBTQIA+ within my works and collaborate with those who are not scared of the beauty the community has to offer.
If you are someone who would like to collaborate and get in touch reach out to Dia Jade at
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